Sports are always good for your life, and one of the Olympic objectives has always been to promote a healthier lifestyle. By learning some curious things about the sports played in Sochi you may want to engage into something new. If you haven't yet.

Hockey: Pucks against the train speed

Hockey puck, if you hit it right, can go as fast as 168 km/h. To compare, the highest speed Russian car Lada Kalina can develop is around 165–183 km/h. Or, for another example, Sochi city train 'Lastochka' can go as fast as 160 km/h. That means, you can rick a hockey puck to get around same quick.

Hockey games will be held in Sochi from 12 to 23 of February

Curling: Kilograms matter

Curling is only now getting popularilty despite being on the Olympic list for 16 years already. Its very good news for those who dreams to lose weight. After playing your very first game you lose around 2 kilos, and it's not bad at all, right? Even soccer does not produce such an effect.

Curling will hit the stage in Sochi on February 10-21.

Ski Jumping: Three floors above the snow!

When athlets make a ski jump they fly as high as 8 meters into the air. It is almost as high as 3 floors of a multi-story building. It may look easy to rise this high, it's much harder to land afterwards without breaking your skies. Or bones.

You can see ski jumpers fly high on February 8-17.

Snowboard: The fastest man on a board

The title of the fastest snowboarder has been claimed already long ago by a man named Danner Powell and no one has managed to steal it from him ever since. His personal record is 201,9 km/h. But the most surprising thing is that Darren is an Australian and his love for the snow is as logical as, let's say, the love of a dog for mice.

The youngest and coolest are already out on the slopes of Sochi mountains since February 6. They will be there till February 22 to be wrapped up by the dual slalom .

Nordic Combined: The most norvegian sport

For 12 years after it was made an Olympic sport, Nordic Combined was almost exclusively a Norvegian thing. Norway's athlets took all the medals game after game. It's not the case any more, and the Fins were the first to start pushing their neighbors from the top. Still there is a taste of one-sidedness in this sport – it's exclusively for men, and has been so for 90 years.

Nordic Combined will be played three times — on February 12, 18 and 20.

Biathlon: Half a kilo by a finger

An effort worth lifting half a kilogram is what it costs a biathlon athlet to push the trigger of his rifle. Compare it to lifting a Coca-Cola bottle with a finger. Easy, you say? It may be if you are sittint at your home on a couch. But the athlets do it after quite a run with a 3,5-kilo rifle on their back.

You can cheer our athlets on February 8-22.

Luge: Sledding with no rules

A luger passes from 16 to 20 track curves in one run. Still luge is the most gracious sport on earth: despite the general rule to cross the finish line on you sled, it's legitimate if you have to get out of it and finish your race somehow else.

If that's your kind of sport, don't miss it in Sochi on February 8 to 13.

Skating: Don't melt the ice

Each sport that involves ice scates requires ice of a different temperature. The coldest kinds are speed skating and hockey. The ice has to be from minus 6 to minus 8°С. Figure skating is the warmest sport: their ideal temperature is between –3°С and –5°С.                  

 Speed skaters will melt the ice of your hearts on February 8 to 22.

Skeleton: In full sale

Skeletonists (or rather their sleds) start off at the speed of 40 km/h and can go as fast as 130 km/h at the top of their speed. And that's considering that the full lenght of the track is rarely longer than 1.5 km.

Skeleton competitions will run as fast as their sleds: just 3 days — from February 13 to 15.

Bobsleigh: Lost and found

Bobsleigh is when more people is better. It helps when you are in a ackward situation when your bob is lost on the way to Olympics. Now everything is fine and they can also laugh with everybody else.

Bobsleigh competitions will be held on February 16 to 23.

Follow Sochi Olympic Games, support your teams, enjoy the fun and remember: it's gona be Coca-Cola!