The very first time that Coca-Cola sponsored the Olympics was in Amsterdam in 1928. The choices of advertising means were far from what we have now, coming down to printed materials only. The sole memory of the Amsterdam games is this graceful lady in the banner offering a man to taste from the red-and-white branded bottle. The world has changed so much since the Amsterdam Games, it is now hard to separate the Olymics from the commercials inticing you extensively into having another Coke with ice. Here is the list of what's considered Coca-Cola's 5 very best commercials.


Seoul Summer Games have been remembered for political and doping scandals. North Korea boycotted the Olympics after the South refused to share the Games with them and move some of the competitions from Seoul to Pyongyang. Sprinter Ben Johnson, who ran 100m distance in just 9.79 seconds, was caught red-handed using doping, as well as the Bolgarian heavy weight athlets Mitko Grablev and Angel Genchev. The Bulgarians were busted by a member of the Soviet delegation. He learned they were going to cheat at the doping tests by using the med lab restroom right before being examined. To prevent that, he locked himself inside the restroom for hours, and the Bulgarians had no choice but to quit the competition. Don't worry though, nothing of that Olympic drama came into the commercial.


«The 100th» Olympics (counting from the summer games of 1896) took place in America's Atlanta. The choice of the venue was very simple – Atlanta is a host for the headquarters of Coca-Cola, the permanent sponsor of the main sports event on the planet. To honor this fact, the investments into the games were more generous then ever before (the real numbers were never made public), and that was not the only record. 12 million tickets were sold for these games, and the live transmission grabbed attention of unbelievable two thirds of the whole populaton population of the Earth. The achievement was never repeated or beaten ether before or after the Atlanta Games.


The Olympics 2004 in Greece had to be something special:  after all it’s the land of Hellas and the mount of Olympus. And the expectations were justified. Doping test proved positive for the record number of the sportsmen (around 10 people) and even a horse! Wheelchair races unexpectedly make it into the Olympic Games list. In the games commercial the Coca-Cola Greece office workers pass on a rolled piece of paper. The last person in this relay is a person with a Down Syndrome. He unrolls the paper to see the word 'RUN' in capital letters. And he runs.


In 2008 Coca-Cola marked an important anniversary 80 years since becoming the sponsor of the Olympic games. Coca-Cola's commercial that year turned out really full of energy despite – or thanks to – having no people in it. It was all about the Beijing national stadium, build particularly for the games. It had a fun name up from the very start a Bird’s Nest for its looks. In the video five birds – each representing an Olympic color, gather plastic straws to build a nest, which they later use to watch the outstanding opening ceremony of Beijing games.

«Sochi 2014»

Hockey player Aleksander Ovechking took the role of the embassador of the ‘Sochi 2014’ games. He was the one to go to Olympus to bring out the Flame for everyone to share. He was the first Olympic torch bearer, preceding thousands of other people willing to bear the torch. Ovechkin took part in multiple Olympic-related events sponsored by Coca-Cola. Among other things Coca-Cola fights to defend gay rights in Russia (even though this fight is carried out from outside of Russia. Plus, Coca-Cola is deeply concerned for the environmental situation at the Black Sea resort.