Olympic uniforms - are spectacular at the Games with designers flexing their imaginations to dress their respective national teams impeccably. Tastes differ, so we do hope to match your preferences, especially with such a broad range of colors and designs.



Олимпийская форма сборной Мексики

This is the look Mexico's Prince Hubertus Lohenlohe-Langenburg has chosen as he travels to Sochi — he is the only Mexican alpine skier at the Games. Black and white and red correspond to the traditional colors of Mariachi musicians. The 54 year old athlete wears them in support of the national culture of his homeland.



Олимпийская форма сборной Тайланда. Ванесса Мэй

For Thailand, it's about the uniform AND Vanessa May.  She managed to qualify for the Olympics and is now the only representative of her country at the games. She is 33 and seems full of energy. Vanessa, who until recently was known only as a music prodigy, is now an Olympic athlete. 



Олимпийскеая форма сборной Австрии

The only sport the Austrians don't compete in is curling. At the rest of the games they can't help attracting attention, and not only because of their victories, but also their looks. At least that's what bi-athlete Daniel Mezotich believes.  He said the Austrian national team has radially changed its kit design and will be number one in Sochi.



Олимпийская форма сборной Эстонии

These huskies are next to the models for a reason. The theme for Estonia's uniform was inspired by the color of wild wolves. It's a hint the athletes are as brave as wolves. 



Олимпийская форма сборной Германии

The multi-color outfit of the Germans aims to honor the nature of Sochi and Russia in general. The turquoise refers to the Black sea, the yellow to Sochi's beaches, and the green is for the palm-trees along its shores.  Sophisticated designs on the women's trousers correspond to Russia's national decorations, the Germans believe. And the white is of course the color of the snow. 



Олимпийская форма сборной Казахстана

If you look closer at the outfit of the Kazakh athletes, you will see the image of the tumar - a national amulet that is believed to keep its owners from trouble throughout all their life. We will see if it helps the athletes as they perform in Sochi. 



Олимпийская орма сборной США

The same as 2 years ago, the American national team is dressed by Ralph Lauren. And that's a surprise, because back in 2012 their cooperation ended in scandal.  Tax-payers were appalled at the fact the national team uniform designed by their famous designer was made in China. This time around Lauren was wiser and had the uniforms fully produced in the US out of US-made materials and by the hands of his fellow-countrymen.



Олимпийская форма сборной Латвии

Latvia's national team is dressed modestly. It may be because the uniform was made in Finland.  However, the team is guaranteed to have fun even if their uniform is black and simple. Their youngest team member Agnese Aboltina turned 18 on the day of the Olympics Opening. Congratulations!



Олимпийская форма сборной Канады

The Canadian uniform is not exactly sophisticated, but it is full of implied meanings. It bears the images of three animals each representing Olympic elements. The Polar bear hints at the two states of water - ice and snow, the loon bird symbolizes the air, and the beaver the earth. And the meaning of the maple leaf is well known. 



Олимпийская форма сборной Польшы

The most shining women's uniform is that of the Polish athletes. The outfits are decorated with Swarovski crystals. Officially the crystals are supposed to remind people of snow glittering in the sun. 



Олимпийская форма сборной России

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First of all, it's beautiful! Second of all, 223 athletes (and they can keep the full uniform as a gift) are already wearing it. And if you count everybody who has bought it from the official merchandise store, the real number of people wearing this design is pretty impressive!