The Olympics are a serious matter involving years of training, sweat, self-control, euphoria and disappointment. But there is a place for humor too and some unusual situations. The history of the Olympic movement has seen many light-hearted moments, and here's just a few of them.

Logos and Flags

There are a lot of Olympic stories involving confusion over flags, messed up uniforms and mistakes in logos. 

At the Vancouver Games, Poland's bi-athletes noticed their suits were marked with the flag of Monaco. Both Poland and Monaco have red-and-white flags, the difference being that Poland has white on top, and with Monaco it's on the bottom. The mix-up was followed by a blame game, with the National Olympic Committee and the Polish Association of Biathlon blaming each other.

In Turin, German bi-athletes actually competed under the Belgian flag before anybody noticed.  

But the most embarrassing incident was at the Opening Ceremony practice for the Winter Games in Sapporo, Japan. When the Olympic Flag was brought onto the arena with all the pomp that entails, one obviously knowledgeable member of the crowd pointed out that the colors of the Olympic Rings were in the wrong order (the usual sequence is blue-yellow-black-green-red). It turned out, the flag had been used at all the Winter Games since 1952 and nobody had noticed anything was wrong for 20 years. 

Breaking an Olympic Tooth

German luger David Moeller, who won Silver in 2010 Olympics, broke his tooth after biting his medal.

He wasn't hungry. He was asked to bite it by reporters. He had to do it so many times, he partly broke his tooth. He wasn't overly upset though and his dentist fixed the problem without any problem.


In 2006 a dog was walking around the Olympics facilities with accreditation. It belonged to American skier Daron Rahlves, and the special accreditation card showed a picture of his master. Rahlves would not be separated from his dog, and made sure his faithful friend was with him in the Olympic village, and everywhere else.  

From skier to snowboarder

In Salt Lake City, French athlete Pierre-Emmanuel Dalcin lost one of his skis around 30 meters from the finish. He refused to give up and finished the race on one ski. The judges agreed the result was valid. It just goes to show ... Never give up! 

Olympic term in jail

The 1980 Winter Games at Lake Placid are remembered for their bad organization. The organizers decided against building new facilities, agreeing the old ones, last used in 1932, were still good enough. The result was a lot of unhappy people. Journalists and guests complained about bad traffic and high prices, although the athletes had it worst: they were put up in a former jail!