As you walk into the Olympic Park among the festivities at Sochi 2014, one of the first things you’ll see is a huge red double sphere-shaped tent that cannot fail to catch your eye. Yes, that's Coca-Cola. As is always the case, Coca-Cola is impossible to miss or confuse with anything else.

Слайд-шоу: “V Dvizhenii!”

On the 9th of February the Grand Opening Ceremony of the Coca-Cola Active Healthy Living Showcase took place. The tent is hosting Coca-Cola's newest project 'V Dvizhenii' (which translates as 'in motion') and is aimed at supporting sport and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Inside there is a detailed and very nicely illustrated display that will encourage you to live your life more actively and healthily. Possibly - with more Coca-Cola. 

Smart, active and fit young greeters in our characteristic Coca-Cola jackets meet you at the gate. By the way, their outfits are made out of recycled Coca-Cola bottles. These youngsters won't let go of you for a good 35 minutes. After briefly walking you through the history of the world’s most popular beverage, they will get you moving.   After a brief hesitation no doubt you will be glad to repeat their movements, whether it's a dance, a sit up or a stretch. And as you do that, we hope your excitement will grow. That's how Coca-Cola aims to prove moving is a pleasure. If you are lucky enough and work-out hard enough, you could even win a collectible Olympics pin - a treasure at an event known for its tradition in pins. 

As you move through the tent, you’ll get the chance to have your picture taken with an Olympic Torch in your hands. Prior to the Games, Coca-Cola travelled all across Russia with the Olympic Torch Relay and knows what it takes to start a flame. Special bracelets with a Q-code will connect you with Coca-Cola's website later on to download the picture and share it with your friends. 

And of course you can’t walk out of the tent without a sip of Coca-Cola. It will be served to you in a neat souvenir bottle after being kept at the ideal temperature - minus 4 Celsius. 

The display was officially opened the day after the world held its breath watching the amazing Olympics Opening Ceremony. Coca-Cola has been the longest standing sponsor of the Olympics and the cooperation is greatly appreciated by both sides. The President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach, Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent and Russia's Deputy Prime-Minister Dmitry Kozak came to officially announce the 'V Dvizhenii' base open and to cut the red ribbon. The event was attended by another honored guests:

ROC President, Mr. Zhukov, SOCOG President, Mr. Chernyshenko; Advisory Board Members: Alexey Nemov, four-times Olympic champion, and Maria Kiseleva, three times Olympic Champion.

Mr. Kozak was accompanied by RBC TV channel (one of the leading business TV channels in Russia) and Sportbox TV (the leading sport TV channel in Russia), we had IOC official internal TV, Socog TV, Lifeinclick TV and Photo cameras.

Mr. Kozak in his speech said that one of the Russian government’s commitments is to double the number of physically active people by 2020.  And Coca-Cola is contributing to these efforts. And this showcase is one example of what we’re trying to achieve.

Mr. Bach added words of thanks to Coca-Cola for its efforts.

"We would like to thank our Worldwide partner Coca-Cola for their support," IOC president Thomas Bach said. "Coca-Cola is one of the oldest and truest partners of the Olympic Movement and it is a great honour for us to collaborate with such a socially responsible company that upholds the values of the Olympic Movement." 

Guests were inspired by an excursion led by Ljubo Grujic, General Manager of Coca-Cola for Russia and Belarus, Stefanos Vafeidis Country General Manager for Coca-Cola Hellenic in Russia, and Irina Batyunina, who is responsible for marketing communications, especially in Dome 2 where all the guests were invited to join the V Dvizhenii (In Movement) team and follow an Active Healthy Lifestyle.

To help people to find their way in activity and to have fun and be happy, Coca-Cola Russia has created a website (‘in movement’), where visitors can learn different types of activities they can practice. Activity ideas are provided through educational video lessons, shot with Olympic champions, prominent athletes and youth community leaders. Visitors of the web will have the opportunity not only watch videos, learn the experience, share and invite friends, but also generate their own content, once certain results achieved.

The overall journey in Dome 2 of the Coca-Cola Showcase is the live replication of Vdvizhenii web, representing three areas for basic exercising - at home, outdoor, in sport facilities. Visitors of the Showcase can also download their photos with the Olympic torch at the web.

Guests were shown around the display, and got the chance to see first hand what 'V Dvizhenii' means. The project is important because it will last longer than the games. After the Sochi fun is over, it will be taken to 4 cities and promoted for 4 years with the hope of seeing a Russia with more people interested in sport and living a healthier lifestyle. 

After the Sochi Olympic Games conclude on Feb. 23, the showcase will visit communities across the country until 2018, when Russia hosts the FIFA World Cup.

"Coca-Cola has been closely connected with the Olympic Games since the Amsterdam Games of 1928." Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent said. "Hundreds of thousands of people have come to Sochi to witness this grand event and to support their favorite Olympic sportsmen and sportswomen. Coca-Cola’s Showcase “V Dvizhenii!” has primarily a sporting atmosphere -  an atmosphere to inspire an active lifestyle. We hope that it will add to the celebrations and make it even more unforgettable."

It definitely adds to the air of celebration in the Sochi Olympic Park. People leave the tent with faces glowing. And hopefully thinking about how they can lead their life a little differently to always live 'V Dvizhenii'. 

And finally the guests were invited to celebrate and refresh themselves with an ice-cold Coca-Cola in a commemorative Sochi 2014 design.

Mr. Kent was asked by RBC TV why Coca-Cola supports AHL. Mr. Kent answered that it’s more fun to lose calories than to take them in.

All the distinguished guests enjoyed the visit.

After the event, photos were distributed among the Russian media. Coverage is expected

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